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City Council Meeting Minutes — 2018


Windom City Council Meeting Minutes

September 12th, 2018

In Attendance: Janis Bernd, Todd Baldwin, Amber Van Vickle, Debbie Gadberry, Dennis Holmquist, Jeremy Rodriguez, Gail Lauderdale.

Guest:  Denice Dater, Clyde & Christina Riley, Audrey Farmer & Sheena Bruce.

Meeting called to order:  At 5:45pm by  Mayor Janis Bernd

Approval of Minutes for August 8th, 2018: 

Dennis made motion approve the minutes of August 8th,  2nd by Amber.  Motion passed

Approval of Vouchers:

General Vouchers: 

Todd made motion approve the General Vouchers, 2nd by Dennis.  Motion passed.

Water Vouchers:  

Amber made motion approve the Water Vouchers, 2nd by Debbie.  Motion passed.

Public Input: Clyde & Christina Riley regarding the mowing of tall grass around the edge of the roadway.  That has been torn up by the MTC fiber optic workers couple of years back along with the County Road crew that is blading causing ruts, sand and asphalt building that he is unable to mow through.  Janis will contact township R. Kaufman regarding the dirt road part,  Clerk is to contact the count regarding the build up to the north edge of his property.  Mayor Bernd advised Mr. Riley that is it his responsibility.

Audrey Farmer & Sheena Bruce – spoke and gave information regarding the outdoor classroom they are developing to the west of the school and north of the greenhouse.  They have applied for grants to add awnings and picnic tables for outdoor classroom work.

Police Dept Report:   Jeremy Rodriguez – Court will be on the 30th of September regarding the yards with tall grass.  Is issuing a citation to property owner of 407 S. East St., regarding the condition of the trailer on the property.   Wanted the property reports from Trent.  (City Clerk provided the notebook containing the inspection reports)

Wipers were replaced and Todd will take car in some time to have the tires inspected.

City Counselor Report:  Gail Lauderdale – Information for the citizens that easements are the property of the homeowner to take care of.  With fall clean up a reminder that city cannot work on private property or haul trash to the curb.  Residents need to get their trash to the curb for further pickup.

City Clerk Report:  Dara Hoffman – Fall clean up scheduled for September 28th, 29th & 30th.  The reading of the sealed bids for the property will be opened on October 10th council meeting, due to making sure the notice for sale runs for a full month.

Janis Bernd, Mayor:  She has been mowing some city property and old mower still dripping oil.  Park it till it can be fixed.  Dennis will look into replacing the plug.  Todd will put the key off the old mower so it won’t be driven till it is fixed.

Executive Session requested at 6:35pm regarding non-elected personnel for 15 minutes.   Council members only.

Back in session at 6:50pm.  Action taken as follows.  Restructuring the reporting maintenance to Todd and to Dennis.  Janis will no longer be in charge of Maintenance.

Dennis Holmquist made motion to have Debbie Gadberry do the mowing around City Hall.  2nd by Todd Baldwin.  (Debbie Gadberry will not be voting)  Motion passed.

Amber VanVickle:  Amber has volunteered to pick up the treats for the school children when they dress up for the Halloween Fall Festival Celebration.  Limit of $50.00.

Approximately 160 students.

Todd Baldwin:  Advised counsel that there is an issue with the headliner in the backhoe, it needs to be addressed for repair.

Dennis Holmquist: Dennis wanted to first thank Todd for helping at the sewer pond and for getting the parts delivered for the sewer pump repair.

Debbie Gadberry:  She has been cleaning out the tree row at the school acting a the school custodian.  She will place the tree/bush branch debris along the edge of the ditch for pickup the weekend of the fall clean up.

Old Business:   Clerk advised council that she failed to note the $.50 raise from last meeting.  Will make up the difference for last pay check.

New Business:  none

Council work session:  5:00pm    (prior to council meeting)

Motion for Adjournment:  Amber Van Vickle made motion for adjournment of tonights meeting, 2nd by Dennis Holmquist.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at:  7:07  pm

Next meeting date: October 10th, 2018 5:00pm for Work Session.

October 10th, 2018 5:45pm for council meeting.


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